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SSTICE_YEAR_ALIGN for align with months/weeks

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SSTICE_YEAR_ALIGN for align with months/weeks

Dear Forum,

The namelist options SSTICE_YEAR_ALIGN, SSTICE_YEAR_START and RUN_STARTDATE, could they serve to generate AMIP ensemble members?

Say if there's 100-year (1900-1999) SST and ice for AMIP run, one can somewhat generate ensemble members by setting:




where YYYY is 1900, 1901, 1902 ... 

If only 1950-1999 period is of interest.

Is the above way in generating ensemble members correct?


Another question is, if the above method is correct, skipping one year for each ensemble member wastes a lot of resources if SST has fewer years.

Say if there's 50-year (1950-1999) SST and ice for AMIP run, and one would like to generate ensemble members by beginning with each month, instead of a year:




where MM is 01, 02, 03 ...

In this case, the SSTICE_YEAR_ALIGN and START is set to the same year, but RUN_STARTDATE doesn't start from the beginning of the year.

What will the model do under this condition? Will the model provide 1950-01-01 SSTICE for 1950-06-01 atmosphere?

Thank you


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