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Step: error in barotropic with branch run

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Step: error in barotropic with branch run



I am trying to set a B (BG20TRCN) branch run using CESM1.0.5 on cheyenne with the f09g16 resolution. The restart files come from a run using CESM1.0 on yellowstone. All components are able to run for one day, but after the first the day I get the following error from POP2



      volume_t (cm^3)           = 0.132514028792E+25

      SUM [volume*T] (C   cm^3) = 0.429661165056E+25

      SUM [volume*S] (ppt cm^3) = 0.460067132939E+26


 Global Time Averages: 01-01-1973 01:00:00

 VDC_BCK:   0.160397863902526

 VVC_BCK:    1.60397863717241

 (io_pio_init)  create file ./


 tavg file written: ./

 (time_manager) ocn date 1973-jan-02, 0.000000E+00 sec


 Global Time Averages: 01-02-1973 00:00:00

 SST:    18.4008654281061

 SST2:    445.822915436544

 HMXL_2:    5452.14325234913

 XMXL_2:    5602.30741039655

 (io_pio_init)  create file ./


 data appended to tavg file: ./




POP Exiting...

POP_SolversChronGear: solver not converged

POP_SolverRun: error in ChronGear

POP_BarotropicDriver: error in solver

Step: error in barotropic





I looked around here for some suggestions how to solve it (change dt_count from 23 to 26, check the format of restart files), but this did not solve my problem.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?


Thanks in advance,


Raymond Sellevold

PhD student

Delft University of Technology

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