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SUCCESS in running ICRUCLM45 with ESMF 6.2.0

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SUCCESS in running ICRUCLM45 with ESMF 6.2.0

Hi everybody,

I managed to run the ICRUCLM45 test case here with ESMF 6.2.0 (requirement here) solving following issues:

  • ESMF_AttributeAdd in ESMF 6.x has changed accepted values for CIM convention and purpose strings.
  • ESMF_AttributeWrite must be called by all the PES to avoid deadlock.

I am attaching a patch with also the modifications to run the test with perl 5.18, gfortran 4.8.1 and GNU make as make and not gmake.

For future reference,


Graziano Giuliani - Earth System Physics Section
The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics
Strada Costiera 11 - I - 34151 Trieste Italy

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