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sulfate chemistry in CAM5-Chem (CESM1.2.2)

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sulfate chemistry in CAM5-Chem (CESM1.2.2)


I have some questions about sulfate chemistry in CAM5-Chem (CESM1.2.2):

(1) I found that there are field names of so4_a and so4_c in the history files in CAM5-chem. Do they represent for so4 in the atmosphere and so4 in clouds respectively? If so, is so4_c aslo in the form of ammounium hydrogen sulfate?

(2) I am trying to find how aqueous chemistry of sulfate works and found the sulchem.F90 in /cesm1_2_2_CAMChem/models/atm/cam/scr/chemistry/bulk_aero. Does the aqueous chemistry in bulk_aero/sulchem.F90 also applied to modal aerosol scheme? Or is there any other code decribing aqueous chemistry of sulfate in modal aerosol scheme?

Thank you!!


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