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Surface wind speed in CMIP5 simulation output

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Surface wind speed in CMIP5 simulation output

Dear CESM gurus, I am working on running a Dynamic Global Vegetation Model offline with the output of different GCMs from the CMIP5 experiments. Our DGVM uses surface (or 10m) windspeed as one of the model inputs. For many of the CMIP5 models, a surface wind variable is available. Looking through the Earth System Grid data catalogs, we could not find a similar variable among the CCSM4 output. All we could find for CCSM4 is the individual pressure-level northward and eastward wind fields. What we need for our DGVM is just monthly mean surface wind speed. If surface wind fields are not available for CCSM4, is there a standard methodology for calculating this variable from the pressure-level fields? Thanks in advance for your help! Jed


You can approximate near-surface wind speed by using either UBOT and VBOT (or U and V at the lowest model level, same data). These are roughly 60m altitude, but probably acceptable for your needs.


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