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svn external for a given git tag

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svn external for a given git tag

In the new cesm1_4_beta04 tag, cime now points to the github version,


how do you generate this https path in github?  i've looked at the documentation and played around with the github web interface and can't figure it out.





The path is automatically created when you push a tag to github.   If you look at the github web interface you will see something like this at the top of the page:

If you click on the branches you will see a list of all of the branches in the repo, if you click on releases you will see all of the tags and an automatically generated tar file for each one.  Each time you push a tag to github it does all of this for you.   In addition all tags are listed and accessable from the /tags subdirectory in the web address.   


CESM Software Engineer


Do you mean, how do you post a tag at this URL in the first place, or how do you find out what the URL is for a Subversion tag?

Either way, the answer is that this is just a mirror of what's in the Git repo. So if you make a tag called "blah-blah-blah" using Git and push it, then there will automatically be a path available to Subversion clients (but not web browers) at:

This is not really documented on GitHub's site itself, although I think it was not to hard to figure out where this directory was by using Google or "svn ls". Note that support for tags seems to have been one of the last things added by GitHub, and it doesn't get anything more than a half sentence in an update at the very end of this blog post:

It's pretty much analogous to how branches are described on that post, though.

Sean Patrick Santos

CESM Software Engineering Group


It's pretty much magic. github has created these links but I've never found any documentation. The closest is:


Thanks, that clarifies it for me.  I could see the tags and branches and all that stuff on the github site but not how to create the actual https url.  The answer, as I understand it, is that it's not well documented.  You can use "svn ls" to check the github repo or you just have to know that a tag in github is translated to a particular url for svn.  thanks.


Just FYI, I noticed that some things in the Google document were not quite right, including the part stating how to get the tag URLs. I've updated the doc with some additions/corrections from conversations today.

Sean Patrick Santos

CESM Software Engineering Group


I played with this a bit while the testdb was being updated. My guess is that they implemnted their own server that responds to the svn protocal. It appears that they are following the standard svn naming conventions of 




So it is possible to predict and construct an arbitrary url on the fly if needed. Relying on this behavior is probably not ideal in the long run.

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