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switch from atm f19 grid to f09 grid generates namelist failure

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switch from atm f19 grid to f09 grid generates namelist failure


we've been working with porting a development version of the CESM (cesm1_5_beta02_waccm06) to the NOAA RDHPC Theia system.  With help from respondents on this bulletin board, we have been able to configure and run the FW5 compset with the f19_g16 grid.  

we find that we need to run at a finer resolution to resolve certain atmospheric features of interest, and are attempting to run the FW5 compset with the f09_g16 or the f09_f09 grid.  For either of the f09 grids, we can successfully create and setup the case, after having added pes layout to the file components/cam/cime_config/config_pes.xml, as was done for the f19 case.

However, when we run the ./preview_namelist utility with either of these grids, the process fails part way into the creation of the atm namelist. The error is shown here:

Fri May 11 14:28:37 tfe05 fw5g3-test-a> ./preview_namelists

Creating component namelists

   Running cam buildnml

ERROR: Command: '/scratch3/BMC/chimera/miller/cesmdev/CESM-sources/cesm-1.5.b2-FW5/components/cam/cime_config/buildnml /home/Henry.LeRoy.Miller/CESM-cases/cases_cesm-1.5.b2/fw5g3-test-a' failed with error 'Died at /scratch3/BMC/chimera/miller/cesmdev/CESM-sources/cesm-1.5.b2-FW5/components/cam/bld/build-namelist line 4045.

ERROR cam.buildnml: /scratch3/BMC/chimera/miller/cesmdev/CESM-sources/cesm-1.5.b2-FW5/components/cam/bld/build-namelist  -infile /home/Henry.LeRoy.Miller/CESM-cases/cases_cesm-1.5.b2/fw5g3-test-a/Buildconf/camconf/namelist  -csmdata /scratch3/BMC/chimera/CESM-central/inputdata -ignore_ic_year -use_case waccm_2000_cam5  -inputdata /home/Henry.LeRoy.Miller/CESM-cases/cases_cesm-1.5.b2/fw5g3-test-a/Buildconf/cam.input_data_list -ntasks 600 -namelist " &atmexp  /"  failed: 65280'

 when I compare the contents of the directory casedir/Buildconf/ for the f19 case to that of the f09 grid case, I see that the file "cam.input_data_list" is not in the latter, and the contents of the casedir/Buildconf/camconf directory for the f09 grid case do not include the files "atm_in", "docn_in", or "drv_flds_in". have I missed somewhere else where I need to specify the f09 (0.9x1.25) grid other than the cam "config_pes.xml" file? thanks for any insights,

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