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testcase setup failing

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testcase setup failing

Hi all,

I'm in the process of porting CESM1.0.5 to our local linux cluster, scihub, at the British Antarctic Survey. I can build the model, and it seems to run ok as far as I can tell, but I'm running into problems when I'm trying to set up test cases to check that the port has been successful. Following the recommendations in the user guide, I'm first trying to build test ERS_D.f19_g16.X using "./create_test -testname ERS_D.f19_g16.X.scihub -testid t01", but I get the following error: "Variable name must contain alphanumeric characters. ERROR: testcase_setup failed". I do get a directory "ERS_D.f19_g16.X.scihub.t01" which contains a *.build and *.run script, but there is no *.test script. I haven't been able to figure out where the error is coming from. Can anyone help? Below is some more of the output I get, after I do  "./create_test -testname ERS_D.f19_g16.X.scihub  -testid t01" in case it helps.




Setting up the following test:
testcase: ERS_D
grid: f19_g16
compset: X
machine: scihub
testid: t01




Creating /data/scihub-users/inos/src/CESM/cesm1_0_5/scripts/ERS_D.f19_g16.X.scihub.t01

Locking file /data/scihub-users/inos/src/CESM/cesm1_0_5/scripts/ERS_D.f19_g16.X.scihub.t01/env_case.xml
Successfully created the case for scihub
Generating resolved namelist, prestage, and build scripts
Successfully generated resolved namelist, prestage, and build scripts
Locking file env_conf.xml
Generating clean_build script
Generating submit script
Generating build script
Generating run script
Variable name must contain alphanumeric characters.
Locking file env_mach_pes.xml
Successfully configured the case for scihub
If an old build exists for this case, you might want to
run the *.clean_build script before building
Variable name must contain alphanumeric characters.
ERROR: testcase_setup failed


I finally figured out what the problem was. The batch system on scihub, our local cluster, is SGE. Therefore in mkbatch.scihub I had commands of the form:

cat >! $CASEROOT/${CASE}.${mach}.run << EOF1

#$ -N ${jobname} 

#$ -q inos.q


The "$" signs that are part of the SGE commands are the problem, and result in the error "Variable name must contain alphanumeric characters", after which "cat" aborts. I fixed it by adding a backslash before the "$" like this:

#\$ -N ${jobname}
#\$ -q inos.q

I thought I'd share this in case anyone else runs into the same problem.

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