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User-Defined Vertical Grid

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User-Defined Vertical Grid

Hi -

I'm trying to run POP2 with a greater vertical resolution at depths between 200-500m, but am unsure how to go about adjusting the input data/configuration. It seems like there are a couple of ways I could go about doing this:

1. Change the vert_grid_opt to 'internal' and modify the code in the subroutine vert_grid_internal

2. Create my own files for the vertical grid and T,S input that matches that resolution

I have a few questions for both option. For option 1. it's unclear to me if the T,S input file the model reads in is interpolated to the new levels or not. From what I've been reading through it seems to just read in the levels, assuming my modified depths correspond to the input T,S values. For option 2, I'm very confused with how to read, and create files in the appropriate format. Any help on this front would be greatly appreciated. I've been searching around can couldn't find a lot of information about it (at least at a level I understood).

If there are other options I'm missing, please let me know. I'm not sure how to proceed, and am worried I'm about to go down a big rabbit hole.

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