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user_datm.streams[...] causes datm.input_data_list being empty

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user_datm.streams[...] causes datm.input_data_list being empty

Dear all,


I am trying to run the CLM 4.0 (as included in CESM 1.2.0) with my own atmospheric forcing. Therefore, I copied the datm.streams.txt[...] files from /caseDir/CaseDocs into my caseFolder, changed their name to user_datm.streams.txt[...] and modified those files in order to link to my atmospheric forcing files.


When I run preview_namelist, the resulting datm.input_data_list is, however, empty. The same happens if I do not modify the user_datm.streams.txt[...] files after copying and renaming. So this is not caused by an error in my changes in the user_datm.streams.txt[...] files.


Google brought me here: . The bug in CIME described here sounds similar to my problem. Anyway, I do not know whether it is actually the same problem and if it is somehow possible to use the fixes from the CIME GitHub repository for CLM.


Any thoughts or solutions?






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