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user_nl_cice (with the compset of B_RCP4.5_CN)

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user_nl_cice (with the compset of B_RCP4.5_CN)

Hello, I am trying to understand the impact of sea ice albedo on the seasonal cycle of sea ice volume.

I managed to decrease ice albedo simply by adding three lines in the namelist, user_nl_cice:

albicev = 0.6
albsnowv = 0.8

=> It works well for the present  day simulations, such as B_2000_CN; the Arctic sea ice concentration and thickness substantially decrease in 15 years.

However, there is no change in sea ice volume in the case when this method (changing 'user_nl_cice') is applied to RCP scenarios, such as B_RCP4.5_CN:

In B_RCP4.5_CN simulation, there is no difference in sea ice volume between the default ice albedo and the modified ice albedo.






What shortwave are you using? If it is shortwave = 'dEdd' then these have no effect. See the following FAQ:



Thank you! The problem has been solved by setting shortwave = 'default'.

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