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using MERRA2 data

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using MERRA2 data


I am running CESM2.0 with a compset FXSD and resolution f19_f19_mg16. I want to change the met data, so I input the following settings in the user_nl_cam file

met_data_file= '2000/'

met_data_path= '/scratch/y/yochen/xiaoshi/cesm/input/atm/cam/met/MERRA2/1.9x2.5'

met_filenames_list     = '/scratch/y/yochen/xiaoshi/cesm/input/atm/cam/met/MERRA2/1.9x2.5/filenames_list_c180824' 


Next, I run the command preview_namelists, rebuild the case, and run it. However, the result is exactly the same as the previous result using MERRA.

Could you help me to modify the MET data?

Thank you in advance.

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