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Vertical coordinate grid resolution

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Vertical coordinate grid resolution


I am using CESM 1.0.5. I am running some high CO2 cases and noticed that the tropopause height is right at the top of the grid. I can increase the number of vertical levels (a variable called "nlev" in "config_cache.xml" file), but I am not sure how make sure that these additional levels are available only at the top of the grid and not in the lower levels.


Ravi Kopparapu

Pennsylvania State University


Hi Ravi,"nlev" allows you to change the number of levels. Where each level is, is determined by the level you specify in ncdata (in the cam namelist).
Let say you want to go from 30 to 50 levels, you will to interpolate your initial condition from 30 to 50 levels.
That said, the physics parameterization are dependant of the vertical resolution. If you change the vertical resolution, you will likely end up with a very different climate.
There are some studies looking at in increased vertical resolution in CAM



Hi. The link cannot be open. Could you give another link? Thank you!


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