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WACCM-SC cesm1.2.2 run broke down

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WACCM-SC cesm1.2.2 run broke down

I compiled cesm1.2.2 for F_2000_WACCM_SC f19_f19. At first, everything seemed to work well and the model started to run, but after a while the model stoped and report 'filew failed' in its log files (in atm.log and cesm.log, but stdout files report no error). Does anyone know what is going on there?

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wanying kang


Note the following error message from cesm.log:

pionfwrite_mod::write_nfdarray_double: 234 : Disk quota exceeded

It looks like you are running in your home directory. You need to run the model on a filesystem where you are allowed more space, such as in your /glade/scratch directory.

Sean Patrick Santos

CESM Software Engineering Group

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