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WACCM with simplified chemistry and specified dynamics?

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WACCM with simplified chemistry and specified dynamics?

Hello everyone,

I am running CESM 1.2.2 and I am interested in WACCM. I would like to set up a run with semplified (specific) chemistry (SC-WACCM), and using offline dynamics at the same time. This is for simulating just the transport of tracers (specifically aoa).

I am trying to achieve this by setting up a FSCW case, and then editing env_build.xml in order to have specified dynamics.  The build is ok, but I get an error at runtime (see attached file).

In env_build.xml I modified the CAM_CONFIG_OPTS adding "-nlev 88 -offline_dyn -nadv 7 ".

I have set "-nadv 7" after the first failed run, because the very first time I ran this case I got the pcnst error (as in attachment). But setting nadv to 7 did not help.

Where do I make mistakes? Is it possible to run WACCM with simplified chemistry and specified dynamics? If it is, is there any particular WACCM configuration that I should use?

Thank you so much,

Daniele Minganti


Unless you are changing the chemistry of the compset, you should not have to change nadv (which is not the same number as pcnst). Were you able to get the compset to run with no modifications ("out-of-the-box")? Adding "-nlev 88 -offline_dyn" should not change the number of advected tracers. But if you changed the tracers, you will have to change nadv. If you are changing chemistry, can you provide details?


Thank you for the answer, I solved the problem. I didn't need any chemistry modification for that run.

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