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WACCM supported grids

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WACCM supported grids

What is currently the highest resolution supported by any WACCM compset? What would be required to run at <= 0.5 deg, for example?

George Modica



I think that the main things missing are the initial conditions and stable settings for the dynamical core.

The vast majority of runs in the past few years have been at 2 degrees, and this is in fact our only officially supported configuration. Our science liaison is currently on vacation, but he may know of some higher resolution runs (at least 1 degree).

A few people have been running at much high resolution using the SE dycore (ne120, which is effectively 1/4 degree), and I have been helping out with that effort. It is still early work, though; I will be working to reduce the cost soon. I could send you some settings now if you are sure you want to try it, but it would be very much use-at-your-own-risk and expensive at the moment.

Sean Patrick Santos

CESM Software Engineering Group


Thank you, Sean. I would be grateful for any early-stage information you are able to pass along to us at this time.


George Modica



It looks like these are the default WACCM ne120 settings for the dycore in the current development code:

nu_top = 2.5e5

nu = 1.0e13

nu_q = 1.0e13

nu_p = 1.0e13

nu_div = 2.5e13

hypervis_subcycle = 1

hypervis_subcycle_q = 1

qsplit = 1

rsplit = 3

se_nsplit = 20


However, as I said these are probably untested and experimental. The only users of WACCM at ne120 that I know of have run with significant code mods that are not considered ready for distribution yet (pending review).

Sean Patrick Santos

CESM Software Engineering Group


Hello Sean,

I thought I would check to see if you are aware of any new developments with hi-res WACCM since I last checked back in November. Thanks.





Given our limited resources at NCAR, we can only support running WACCM at 1.9°x2.5°. We do not have resources to support community members running developmental versions of the model, except in cases where there is an established scientific collaboration with NCAR.

Mike Mills
WACCM Liaison
Atmospheric Chemistry Division
NCAR Foothills Lab
Boulder, Colorado USA

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