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What is the Ice Runoff Flux term?

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What is the Ice Runoff Flux term?


I am calculating the freshwater budget for the Atlantic Ocean using the CESM LE PI Control Runs. I currently have:

pr(rain+snow flux) - evs (evap flux) + roff (runoff flux) + melt (melt flux)

I believe I need to also include the ioff_f which is: Ice Flux from Coupler due to Land-Model Snow Capping. I have a few questions regarding this term as I'm not entirely sure what it means and cannot find more information on it.

-Does this term mean iceberg calving?

-Does the melt flux take care of this term because the ice runoff could eventually melt?

-For components (Precip - Evap + Runoff + Melt) would I include this term in the Runoff component or the Melt component?



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