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What is the meaning of instant / average type output

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What is the meaning of instant / average type output

Dear model experts,

I want to get daily output for the U,V,T at the given instant only without taking average over the day. Will the "U:I" command in usr_nl_cam help me out?

I searched the model source code, and didn't find an output of U,V,T in "I" type. If I added a addfld function for instant U,V and T, can I get proper output?

Many thanks!!


wanying kang


If you use the syntax:

FINCL1 = 'U:I'

in user_nl_cam

you will get instantaenous output at the end of your outputting interval. 

For instance, say that you are outputting data daily for the h0 file. (This is set by nthfrq = -24)

If you use FINCL1 = 'U:I', the model will output the instantaneous value of U field at the end of the day. 

The default value is averaging for most of the variables. In the code this is set by the subroutine "addfld" 

 subroutine addfld (fname, units, numlev, avgflag,  long_name, decomp_type, [Optional arguments])


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