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what should I do if I use more cpus after running 2 years?

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what should I do if I use more cpus after running 2 years?

Here is my model setting:

EXP1 is a hybrid B20TRC5CN run based on/starting from b40_20th_1d_b08c5cn_139jp 1979-01-01 using CESM1.2.1.

With 144 tasks,  it finished sucessfully after 2 years (STOP_N=2, STOP_OPTION=nyears).


Now, there are 288 tasks available on the sever now and I want my experiment continue to run extra 10 years. What need I do?


Here is my 2 thoughts, but not sure which is right/better:


1) If cpus changed as below, the model need be rebuilded besides (xmlchange CONTINUE_RUN=TRUE, STOP_N=10, cesm_setup -clean; cesm_setup;).



./xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_ATM -val $pp 

./xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_LND -val $pp 

./xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_ICE -val $pp 

./xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_OCN -val $pp 

./xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_CPL -val $pp 

./xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_GLC -val $pp 

./xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_ROF -val $pp 

./xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_WAV -val $pp


2) create a new case, EXP2, based on/starting from EXP1 1981-01-01. RUNTYPE=branch, pp=288.



Appreciate any suggestions or comments.



Method one would work fine but in a B case that isn't generally the best performing configuration.

assuming you have 32 tasks per node I would do something like this:






this will allow the ocn to run concurently with atm and should improve overall performance.


CESM Software Engineer


Thanks for your reply, Jedwards.  I haven't notice the task balance yet. How about NTASKS_WAV and other ROOTPE_??? values?

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