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What is the total size of the whole inputdata repository?

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What is the total size of the whole inputdata repository?

I am setting up a VM cluster for various student projects.  One of the Linux boxes is going to head a CESM MPI cluster.  Since this is going to be an Offline setup for unforseen uses, I wish to pull the entire Input Database so I do not have to go back and forth to transfer for each student.  I currently have 1.8TB of the entire DB.. does anyone know how big it is currently? My 1st VM storage was only 2TB.  I'm having to readjust the setup and do not want to make it too big or small. Thanks!


R. Burchett

Network Administrator


The current input data repository size is ~9 Terabytes. We strongly advise against 

downloading the entire repo but rather rely on the check_input_data script to gather

the input data files needed on a per case basis. If this cluster is truly off-line, then you

may want to just download the necessary input data files for a list of component sets and

grid resolutions that will be supported. 

Alice Bertini
Software Engineer

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