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Where can I find the cesm_cami_create script?

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Where can I find the cesm_cami_create script?

While searching around for info about creating a "cami" file, I read people talking about this script used to make this. Specifically they were talking about paleo-climate modelling, and they mentioned that there is a shell script that calls an NCL script "cesm_cami_create.ncl". However, I can't find this script anywhere!

Why doesn't this come with the CESM source code? and where can I find the latest version of it?



Hi Walter - 

The cesm_cami_create.ncl script that you are referring to was developed for deep-time paleoclimate modeling.  We used this code to create an initial atmospheric condition for cases where we were simulating a warm world, or a world where the continental configuration was radically different from current day, and for which we didn't have a compatible initial state for the model.  The code imposed a generic pole-equator temperature gradient,  surface pressure,  zonal thermal wind, meridional wind, and specific humidity.   We also set ICEFRAC to zero.   The script uses the CAM bnd_topo file as input, as well as an generic cam.i file as a template.  

I include the script here, along with the cshell script that calls it, with the caveat that since we no longer support this tool, it may not be compatible with CAM5.  However, if it is close to what you need, minor modifications should make it work for you.


Best regards -





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