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why 14c pools are doubled in size?

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why 14c pools are doubled in size?

Hi all,

Using  CESM2.0.1 and G1850ECO compset, i am doing some isotope enabled (ciso) runs and i start my experiment with some initial conditions i prepared for each pool. what i see from the output is that the pools are intialized according to the values i prepared except the 14c, where the values seem to be doubled in size, which in turn messes up the d14c signatures.

i am looking at the output variables "DIC", "DI13C", "DI14C" which are in mmol/m^3. The first time step of the output shows that "DIC" and "DI13C" are close to each other around 2000 mmol/m3 at pacific surface waters, while the "DI14C" is around 3900-4000 mmol/m^3. And i did double check the intial file, they are all in the same order.

I even tried to test a hypothetical situation where i divide the inital "DI14C" pool by half for the intial conditions file. But this just created "DI14C" output values reduced by half, like 900 mmol/m3.

So now i am lost, where the problem might be.

Thanks for any help/suggestion...




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