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Wrong restart file used in 2 deg RCP runs

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Wrong restart file used in 2 deg RCP runs

Hi all,

I am using CESM1 and running B_RCP8.5 2-degree case from 2005 right now. I recently realized that the initial files that the model automatically prestaged may not be suitable for the model. For example, from I can see that the initialization file for RCP cases should be from the b40.20th.track1.2deg.001. But in my runs, the initial file macthed by the model for cam is from /inputdata/atm/cam/inic/fv/ and I do not know what does this file represents. The initial file for land is from, which I also think may not be proper.


Can anyone provide b40.20th.track1.2deg.001 restart files in 2005-01-01 or 2006-01-01? 


Yu Huang


I've provided the restart sets from 2005 and 2006 of b40.20th.track1.2deg.001 via anonymous ftp:


ls -Fl

total 2812392

-rw----r-- 1 strandwg cgdccr 1438883840 Feb  8 08:32


-rw----r-- 1 strandwg cgdccr 1441003520 Feb  8 08:33


Hi, thank you so much for sharing this file with me. One more question is whether you have the restart files with 30 vertical levels? I am now running CAM with 30 levels in height and I just checked the restart files and I found their vertical layer number is only 26. I would appreciate it if you can share restart files with 30 levels with me.

Or whether I can just interpolate the restart files with 26 levels to get a new restart file for 30 levels experiment? If so, is there anything that I need to pay special attention to?

Thanks a lot!



Yu Huang


To be more detailed, I am trying to use your restart files to create initialization files for a spcesm run. I found that the variables in default cesm and spcesm restart files are not all the same... I am wondering if it will be possible for me to realize my goal?



Yu Huang


It is not clear to me if you are trying to run CAM4 or CAM5. For the compset name, it looks like you are trying to run CAM4.

You should be careful that cam4 and cam5 use a diiferent numbers of vertical levels. 

cam4 should use 26 levels

cam5 should use 30 levels.

Unfortunately, the parameterizations are sensitive to the vertical resolution, If you change the vertical resolution (i.e. the number of levels), this will impact your simulation. You will likely end up with an unrealistic simulation,

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