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build issue

  1. B

    CESM2.1.3 build failed for B1850,about lapack and blas

    Dear all, I encountered some problems when building the case B1850 on HPC, but the case X has been built and ran sucessfully although it had some warnings during the build. And I have already spent almost two weeks trying to make B1850 work without success. After running the following for the...
  2. M

    Build Instructions Clarification

    Hello CESM team, I am fairly new to CESM, but would like to use it as a benchmark for testing a tool to optimize high performance/scientific computing fortran code. I was going through the CESM2 quickstart guide and had a few questions. The prerequisites list says that CESM requires NetCDF...
  3. J

    Stampede build currently broken

    Due to changes in the system modules builds on Stampede are currently broken.   We have a support ticket open and will update this post when the problem is resolved.