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  1. R

    Outlining the major differences between CCSM3 and Chou's Radiation Model

    Hello, I was looking at this site that shows a variety of things, including the equilibrium surface temperature given a series of specified parameters. It gives an option to swap between the CCSM3 and the Chou Model, of which I think more can be found about here. The models output different...
  2. S

    CCSM: nan errors when compiling. Please help!

    I'm trying to install CCSM 4_02, but I'm getting these errors during compilation (during clm.buildexe.csh): OS: Ubuntu 16.04 Fortran compiler: ifort and mpiifort (that came with Parallel Studio 2020) CCSM machine type: generic_linux_machine CCSM version: ccsm4_0_a02 Here's the file...
  3. A

    CCSM4 Mid-Holocene ice sheet

    Hi, I have been looking for the variable "Fraction of Grid Cell Covered with Glacier" (variable sftgif in CMIP5 nomenclature) for the CCSM4 model (for the Mid-Holocene) on the CMIP5 server but I have not been able to find this. I must be looking at the wrong place. I have found the equivalent...