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git issue

  1. A

    Known issue with Github's SVN-bridge and SVN v1.11

    Affected release and development versions: CESM2.y.z There is a known issue with Github's SVN-bridge software and SVN v1.11 as mentioned here https://subversion.apache.org/docs/release-notes/1.11#issues.Until that issue is resolved, you must use SVN 1.10.x or older. 
  2. tcraig

    svn external for a given git tag

    In the new cesm1_4_beta04 tag, cime now points to the github version,  cime  https://github.com/CESM-Development/cime/tags/cime0.3.34how do you generate this https path in github?  i've looked at the documentation and played around with the github web interface and can't figure it out.   
  3. tcraig

    git workflow comments and questions

    I have a couple questions and comments on the workflow that I think should be addressed in the workflow document.Is it correct to say the svn checkout of the cime directory is just a static snapshot with no connection to any of the git features?What's the recommended process for "switching" my...
  4. J

    GIT workflow

    ** DRAFT ** Work in ProgressGIT workflow is outlined in this shared document.