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  1. S

    Setting up bathymetry for experiment

    Hi, everyone, I have some questions about setting up my own experiments, and I was hoping you could help me or direct me to help. I've run some of the examples, gone through some of the notebooks, and watched a tutorial or two. I have a pretty good idea of the roles of different inputs and how...
  2. liyue1

    MPI error (MPI_File_write_at_all) : I/O error (CESM2.1.1 on Cheyenne)

    Hello there! Recently, I'm running the CESM2.1.1 on Cheyenne with a compset of the piControl. The simulation has successfully run for 55 years, and gets stuck in MPI error during last weekend. Below shows the MPI error in the log file: 1: Opened file...