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monthly averages

  1. l_vankampenhout@uu_nl

    external tools don't like CESM time coordinate

    This report may be related to this issue from 2013: https://bb.cgd.ucar.edu/output-date-error-monthly-history-files-shifted-1-monthMany people may have discovered independently that CESM timestamps are placed at the end of the month (or other averaging period) , and that external tools like CDO...
  2. M

    output date error - monthly history files shifted 1 month

    Hi there, According to my office mates, I'm not the first one to encounter this problem. I have found this issure at the CESM known bugs webpage, however they do not offer a solution. The monthly history files (h0) that cesm1.04 outputs seem to have their dates shifted by one month into the...