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run time issue

  1. Y

    case_run: ERROR: ice: Input nprocs not same as system request

    Dear Helper, when i run a case f.e20.F2000climo.f09_f09_mg17.test in CESM2.2.0, everything is fine in ./case.setup and ./case.build. but there was an error in ./case.submit. The system shows: run command is mpiexec -n 48 -genv LD_LIBRARY_PATH...
  2. D

    Waccmx runtime error

    My environment: When I run the waccmx case, it's been automatically canceled. So I check the log, the key error information show blow: My cesm version is 2.1.3, and you can see the detail in the file named version_info.txt. And you can see the change which I made to the XML files in the bash...