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  1. H

    Redirect output after job submission

    I have ported CESM to Clemson University's supercomputer Palmetto following the porting instruction, and I am considering making full use of Palmetto to get better performance. Palmetto differs from other supercomputers that two different types of scratch systems are connected to each node. One...
  2. J

    Cheyenne update module issues for all CESM versions

    Due to the cheyenne maintenance this week you need to update some modules:intel/17.0.1pnetcdf/1.11.0netcdf/4.6.1netcdf-mpi/4.6.1mpt/2.19 There is also an issue with the -p option to mpiexec_mpt, you may either reverse the order of -p and -np in env_mach_specific.xml or remove the -p option.  If...