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  1. mmills

    Changing the start date for a run with specified dynamics

    A user recently sent me an email about an common issue, so I thought it would be useful to share the solution here: Question: I am running WACCM with the FWmaSD compset and the default start date is 2005-01-01. When I try to change this to say, 2006-01-01 or any other date, the code crashes...
  2. D

    Run SD-WACCM compset with perpetual year (using MERRA)

    Hello everyone,I have succesfully run SD-WACCM compset using GEOS5 dataset. Now I would like to use the MERRA dataset to perform further SD-WACCM runs (I am using version 1.2.2 of CESM).In particular I would like to know if it is possible to set a perpetual year (say 2000) as atmospheric...
  3. S

    Nudging approach in SD-WACCM

    Hi everyone,I have run the SD-WACCM with GEOS-5. I have 2 questions.1, The nudging approach is applied at every 6 hours (default), so the output at 0,6,12,18 o‘clock,is the model predictive field (before nudging)? or the analysis field (after nudging)?2, What’s the difference between SD and SC...
  4. H

    How to get GEOS5 input data for SD-WACCM?

    I could not run SD-WACCM (compset FSDW) for more than 1 month because of following error in atm.log.How can I get GEOS5.1_19x2_20050201.nc and related GEOS5 files mentioned in GEOS5_filenames_list_c110728.txt?Thank you very much for your kind help.    incr_flnm: old filename =...