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    problems about running WACCMX in CESM2

    Hello, I have run the WACCMx in CESM1 successfully. But the CESM2.1 cannot work. I created cases of FX2000 and FXSD with default settings. Both of their running failed. I can't solved the problems. Can anyone help me? Attach files are cam and cesm logs.
  2. D

    Waccmx runtime error

    My environment: When I run the waccmx case, it's been automatically canceled. So I check the log, the key error information show blow: My cesm version is 2.1.3, and you can see the detail in the file named version_info.txt. And you can see the change which I made to the XML files in the bash...
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    CO2-O collisional deactivation rate in WACCM-X

    Hey, I was wondering how to find out and edit the CO2-O collisional deactivation rate (a.k.a. quenching rate) in WACCM-X? It'd be great to know for both v1.2.2 and the new v2.x releases too. Cheers, Matt Brown
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    MERRA2 data for Oct-Dec 2019

    Hello, I would like to do a WACCM-X simulation with specified dynamics that runs until the end of 2019, using MERRA2 data. I can see MERRA2 data are available on Cheyenne until 2019-10-20 so far, but it would be great to have the latest data until 2019-12-31. Is it possible yet to make that...
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    MERRA input for WACCMX SD

    Hello, If I am running a simulation for the whole years of 2009-2010 for WACCMX- SD (via resubmitting the runs few times because Cheyenne has max wall time of 12 hours), for example from 2009-12-01 to 2011-01-01, do I need to provide multiple MERRA met data filenames in my user_nl_cam or will...
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    WACCM-X crash at high solar activity - reduce time step?

    Hello all,I am running a CESM2.1.0 WACCM-X historical compset (FXHIST) on a HPC facility in the UK. My simulation ran successfully from 1950-01-01 until 1957-12-21, at which point it crashes. Sometimes the following error appears in the cesm and/or atm log file:SHR_REPROSUM_CALC: Input contains ...
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    WACCM-X Helium and N2

    Hello, For a WACCM-X simulation I would like to output helium and molecular nitrogen, but I am not able to do so in the primary history files. Could you please provide any guidance on how to output them (e.g., in a secondary history file)? TIABest regards, Federico