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BWmaHIST mpirun fail


Eirik Enger
New Member
When trying to run the BWmaHIST compset the model fails after submitting, with error:
ERROR: RUN FAIL: Command 'mpirun  /cluster/work/users/een023/cesm/e_BWmaHIST_vanilla/bld/cesm.exe  >> cesm.log.$LID 2>&1 ' failed
See log file for details: /cluster/work/users/een023/cesm/e_BWmaHIST_vanilla/cesm.log.3831477.211221-142951
In the log file (attached) the lines where the error seem to occur is
Opened existing file
/cluster/projects/nn9348k/cesm/input-data/atm/cam/chem/emis/CMIP6_emissions_175 0_2015_2deg/emissions-cmip6_so4_a2_contvolcano_vertical_850-5000_1.9x2.5_c20190 417.nc          44
pio_support::pio_die:: myrank=          -1 : ERROR: ionf_mod.F90:         235 :
NetCDF: Attempting netcdf-3 operation on netcdf-4 file
pio_support::pio_die:: myrank=          -1 : ERROR: ionf_mod.F90:         235 :
NetCDF: Attempting netcdf-3 operation on netcdf-4 file
pio_support::pio_die:: myrank=          -1 : ERROR: ionf_mod.F90:         235 :
NetCDF: Attempting netcdf-3 operation on netcdf-4 file
pio_support::pio_die:: myrank=          -1 : ERROR: ionf_mod.F90:         235 :
NetCDF: Attempting netcdf-3 operation on netcdf-4 file

The file ionf_mod.F90 I see is located at
with a call to check_netcdf on line 235, found in file pio_utils.F90 found in the same directory above.

I tried changing the .nc file with a different version, that is, in user_ln_cam I include
/cluster/projects/nn9348k/cesm/input-data/atm/cam/chem/emis/CMIP6_emissions_175 0_2015_2deg/emissions-cmip6_so4_a2_contvolcano_vertical_850-5000_1.9x2.5_c20190 417-v_nc4.nc
where this file was created with command
nccopy -k nc4 infile.nc infile-v_nc4.nc
This make the error for that specific file go away, but an equivalent error pop up for a different .nc file, and fixing this next .nc file make the error occur for a third, and so on.

At which point I am lost.

Steps to reproduce:
./create_newcase --case /cluster/home/een023/model/CESM/cesm2.1.3/CESM/cime/cases/e_BWmaHIST_vanilla --res f19_g17 --compset=BWmaHIST --mach fram
# cd into case directory...


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CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
Files should NOT be in netcdf4 format. Convert to cdf5 using nccopy -k cdf5. Also the logging creates a problem since the error belongs to the next file
to be opened not the previous one.


Eirik Enger
New Member
Ok, I see. But if the error is not related to the last opened file, how do I know what casued the error?


Eirik Enger
New Member
While trying to run the same compset as described above, but with a custom forcing file, say
I get a segmentation fault (at least that is what it seems to be, the below snippet is printed repeatedly on the last 2000 lines of the log file cesm.log.xxx):
forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred
Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source
cesm.exe           00000000033C074D  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
libpthread-2.17.s  00002AD781C0E630  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
cesm.exe           0000000001495F5F  mo_util_mp_rebin_          52  mo_util.F90
cesm.exe           0000000000F5ED0C  tracer_data_mp_in        1675  tracer_data.F90
cesm.exe           0000000000F6F6E4  tracer_data_mp_ad         667  tracer_data.F90
cesm.exe           00000000012F180E  mo_extfrc_mp_extf         336  mo_extfrc.F90
cesm.exe           00000000010FF1CB  chemistry_mp_chem        1179  chemistry.F90
cesm.exe           00000000006CA5DF  physpkg_mp_phys_r        2351  physpkg.F90
cesm.exe           00000000004EE672  cam_comp_mp_cam_r         258  cam_comp.F90
cesm.exe           00000000004E4B22  atm_comp_mct_mp_a         287  atm_comp_mct.F90
cesm.exe           0000000000434AC6  component_mod_mp_         267  component_mod.F90
cesm.exe           0000000000429167  cime_comp_mod_mp_        2015  cime_comp_mod.F90
cesm.exe           0000000000431C5E  MAIN__                    114  cime_driver.F90
cesm.exe           000000000041522E  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
libc-2.17.so       00002AD78213F555  __libc_start_main     Unknown  Unknown
cesm.exe           0000000000415129  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

The file VolcanEESMv3.11_SO2_850-2016_Mscale_Zreduc_2deg_c220111.nc I create with the script createVolcEruptV3.ncl (same as is described in the meta data of the original VolcanEESMv3.11_SO2_850-2016_Mscale_Zreduc_2deg_c191125.nc) followed by the command
nccopy -k cdf5 in.nc out.nc

Since I could not find the coordinate file used in the NCL-script (coords_1.9x2.5_L88_c150828.nc) I instead used fv_1.9x2.5_L30.nc. Could this be the whole reason why the segmentation fault arises? Or is the error perhaps related to a different thing?

From this resource it seem it might be related to pnetcdf?


Eirik Enger
New Member
Okay, that makes sense. Would you know where such a coordinate file might be found? I see the original NCL-script loads in
which I suppose is a private directory.


Eirik Enger
New Member
With the L88 coords file I still get the same segmentation fault.
Looking at the creation script createVolcEruptV3.ncl and the forcing files it generates, and comparing this to the attributes in VolcanEESMv3.11_SO2_850-2016_Mscale_Zreduc_2deg_c191125.nc it almost seems like the latter was created from some different NCL-script?
E.g. the variable altitude_int is a dimension in VolcanEESMv3.11_SO2_850-2016_Mscale_Zreduc_2deg_c191125.nc, but a variable in the corresponding forcing file generated from createVolcEruptV3.ncl.
Could that be something that would cause a segmentation fault?