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calculate total sea ice area

Dear all, I have a question with regard to calculation of sea ice area in CESM.

If I want to calculate total sea cover in northern hemisphere (e.g. in mill. sq. km2), I should use variable AICE (pick e.g. greater than 15%) from the ice component multiples by TAREA, then, do a simple SUM, is that right? However, if I do so using CMIP6 data variable siconc (which is aice) then multiples by tarea, pick the northern hemisphere, the result is different the variable siextentn.

Am I missing something here? Thanks very much


CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
I'm not sure where the problem might be. Did you try daily siconc instead of monthly-mean siconc? How far is it off? By an order of magnitude? Can you provide a plot?