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Data Atmosphere (DATM) Namelist and Streams


Gabriela Negrete-García
New Member
In my previous setup using cesm2.1 beta0, I would override user_nl_datm for daily light:

cat >> user_nl_datm << EOF
tintalgo = "linear", "linear", "coszen", "linear", "linear", "linear", "linear", "linear", "linear", "linear", "linear", "linear"

Now, I am trying to set up a case with cesm2.3, and was wondering if this is a default for cesm2.3 or if I need to include this override here as well?

If I need to include the override, how do I update the datm.streams.xml file?


Erik Kluzek
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
For the latest development version of CESM2.3 using NUOPC, you override the datm.streams.xml options using the user_nl_datm_streams file. It has some pointers on how to modify it in the comments at the top of the file.

You'll have to check the datm.streams.xml to see if the tintalgo settings are set the way you want them to be. From above I'm pretty sure the default is slightly different than you have above. Here's an issue in CTSM that talks about how to do some of these settings for a particular example case.

Example, user_nl_datm_streams for TRENDY.2020 simulation for NUOPC coupler · Issue #1701 · ESCOMP/CTSM

For your example you'll have something like:

CLMCRUNCEPv7.Solar:tintalgo = linear

where "CLMCRUNCEPv7.Solar" is the name of the stream that you are modifying, you'll need to add a line like that for each stream that you need to modify the default value for.