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Getting diagnostic output in OM_025.JRA


Spencer Jones
New Member
This is a very basic question I think. I am running the MOM6 example OM_025.JRA (I finally got the data off the ftp <insert celebratory emojis>). I have extended the run to be 3 days long, but I haven't made any other changes. Based on the entries in diag_table.MOM6 I had anticipated that some basic fields would be output to a file called 'ocean_daily.nc'. But this file is not created, even though I seem to be running without any errors, and the content of 'ocean.stats.nc' includes 6hrly output for the full 3 days.

What am I missing here? Is there a flag I need to turn on? A line I need to uncomment? Something else?


Gustavo Marques
Staff member
You need to rename diag_table.MOM6 to diag_table. The original diag_table is empty.