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Ice diagnostics model comparison

I have run the ice diagnostics package for the first time. I had set the following options:

./pp_config --set ICEDIAG_BEGYR_CONT=2005
./pp_config --set ICEDIAG_ENDYR_CONT=2025
./pp_config --set ICEDIAG_YRS_TO_AVG=20
./pp_config --set ICEDIAG_BEGYR_DIFF=2005
./pp_config --set ICEDIAG_ENDYR_DIFF=2025
./pp_config --set ICEDIAG_CASE_TO_DIFF=RCP85PertSourceMods
./pp_config --set ICEDIAG_PATH_DIFF=/glade/scratch/srogstad/archive/RCP85FW

The averages and diagnostics codes seemed to complete successfully, but I don't see where the model comparison output is. I have the following output:

In the ocean diagnostics package when I run it there are two directories, the obs comparison and a model comparison, and while I know the diagnostic packages are all a bit different I am wondering if there is supposed to be a model-model comparison directory under diag as well as the obs one I see. Is it somewhere else and I missed it or did I maybe not set the config flags correctly? Thanks!


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Does the log say it completes successfully? The log file will have the path to the data and the climatologies. It should be under:


Or something like that.