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Issues about CESM2.1.2 on stampede2

I am running CESM2.1.2 on stampede2 machines, and found that the case.submit command will not run resubmit commands.

In my env_run.xml, I have:

<entry id="CONTINUE_RUN" value="TRUE">

<entry id="RESUBMIT" value="5">

After i submitted the job on stampede, it will show two jobs, the main CESM one and the archive one, which is depending on the main one. I am not sure whether the achive job has some issues with the resubmit command.



Erik Kluzek
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
First I recommend looking over both the results of the main and short-term archive batch jobs. Did they both finish to completion? Were there problems? Figure out what went wrong with them and you should be able to get it to resubmit.

The problems with the batch jobs might be specific to stampede2 so I'd also suggest talking to the system administrators for stampede2 on what went wrong.