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ladjust_bury_coeff and restarts


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I am trying to run MARBL with ladjust_bury_coeff on, and it appears that the adjusted parameter variable is not retained over a restart.

The configuration is X3, v2.2.0, compset G1850ECOIAF, with the base run from initial conditions for 4650 years on GreenPlanet (UCI computer complex). A modification of the Fe input by JK Moore was included. The base run has all default parameters. This ocean and sea ice configuration has a 62 year forcing cycle.

A branch run, denoted as "ladjfR", with adjust_bury_coeff on, and full_column output on, was made by branching at year 3951 of our base run. A restart file containing the initial values for MARBL was used on the branch; subsequent to the branch, the normal restart file associated with the restart time was used. Restarts were every 100 years after an initial 10 year run, for a total run time of 310 years.
The attached graph shows some of the Sources and Sinks for Carbon for the 310 years. As can be seen, pocToSed has a spike exactly every 100 years, on the boundary with the restarts, and the adjustment for the pocToSed appears to be starting over.

popToSed and ponToSed also have the 100 year spike.

The restart files do contain a non-zero adjusted scalar value, different from the initial value, and a mean rate of change.

I'm wondering if I'm missing something in my script, such as a post-processing script to reset the marbl_in parameter value to the value in the restart file? Or something else seems suspicious?


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