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PTCLM for future simulations using time evolving CO2

Hi all,

I'm keen to connect with a user who has maybe performed something similar.

I've got PTCLM running successfully at a field site for the last decade using meteorological forcing data and surface data from the site itself.

The next step is to run the site into the future, in a similar manner using forcing datasets from future RCP/SSP GCM or RCM data.

We would like to project NEE, so we are using BGC set up so we would need time-evolving atmospheric CO2 into the met forcing dataset.

My question is - has anyone ran something similar and can offer advice about a set up / compset ? I can follow examples easily if someone has done something similar and adapt them to what I need, but I've had trouble finding exactly what I need in the technical guidance. I'm sure its definitely possible but would appreicate a starter for 10 !

Thanks in advance