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What aerosol species does CICE use?

Hi Everyone~In the CICE description, it says "only the first 3 are used in CESM, for their 3 aerosol species".Do you know what these aerosol species are exactly?Or in the output files, does anyone know what aeroiceint001, aeroiceint002 and aeroiceint003 stand for? I mean 001, 002 and 003. Are they the aforementioned three species? Moreover, where can I find all these info? I tried google, users guide and model description.Thank you very much!


CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
You can look in ice_import_export.F90 to see the answer here, but short answer is that 001 is hydrophobic black carbon, 002 is hydrophillic black carbon, and 003 is all the dust.Dave