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  1. A

    Modifying dust aerosol inventory over a certain region though code modification in CESM2-CLM5

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to add a new inventory for dust aerosols over a certain region in CESM2-CLM5. My objective is to modify dust aerosols over a particular region and add my inventory. So far I have looked into this code in CLM5 which controls the dust emission...
  2. D

    Relationship between the bc_a4 files and num_a4 file.

    So, I've been talking a bit with Simone about this, but I thought I would post it here for others. The bc_a4 file for srf_emis_specifier is the surface emissions of black carbon. This has units of molecules/cm2/s. The num_a4 file is the particle number emissions file for the surface black...
  3. G

    Understanding how DMS works in CAM5

    Hi folks, I'm trying to do a set of simulations in CAM5, run in atmosphere-only mode (F_1850_CAM5 compset), that modifies the input emissions of DMS to reduce emissions in a specific region. I'm in search of information on the correct diagnostics for DMS and on how CAM5 handles DMS emissions so...