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  1. X

    case build stagnated after adding new tracer in MAM

    Hi, all, I added new tracer (one type of carbonaceous aerosol) in mode1 of MAM4 and modified the following .F90 files and user_nl_cam: 1./models/atm/cam/src/chemistry/pp_trop_mam4/chem_mech.in; chem_mech.doc; chem_mods.F90; m_spc_id.F90...
  2. adrienD

    Build fail on non-supported grid - Buildnml

    Hi everyone, I am trying to run CTSM on my own regional domain over the Arctic. I have successfully created the SCRIP, surfdata_map and domain files. However, when I try to build the model, I have this error message: Calling /mnt/lustre02/work/aa0049/a271098/CTSM/cime_config/buildnml ERROR...
  3. T

    ./case.build error (mct) porting

    Hi, everyone. I met a problem when I build case. The error was described shortly "NETCDF_C_PATH specified without NETCDF_FORTRAN_PATH". Stop. This problem has disturbed me for a weeks. Have anyone can help me ? Thanks!!!
  4. S

    CCSM: nan errors when compiling. Please help!

    I'm trying to install CCSM 4_02, but I'm getting these errors during compilation (during clm.buildexe.csh): OS: Ubuntu 16.04 Fortran compiler: ifort and mpiifort (that came with Parallel Studio 2020) CCSM machine type: generic_linux_machine CCSM version: ccsm4_0_a02 Here's the file...
  5. M

    Build Instructions Clarification

    Hello CESM team, I am fairly new to CESM, but would like to use it as a benchmark for testing a tool to optimize high performance/scientific computing fortran code. I was going through the CESM2 quickstart guide and had a few questions. The prerequisites list says that CESM requires NetCDF...
  6. A

    Getting Error during case build (clm 5.0)

    I have created case first then, created case setup and download all the required data-sets and when I proceed to build case i am getting error what should i do. Please help me this regard. I am getting error when running the script ./case.build. wcl@wcl:~/CLM_5_run/case/test7$ sudo...