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  1. T

    Adding a new grid for cesm2

    I have been using CESM 2.1.1 in the aquaplanet setting for certain idealized studies. In this regard, I would like to perform certain experiments with a very coarse resolution in the longitudinal direction, say, for example, maybe a dlon of 15 ~ 20 degrees. In this regard, I have been following...
  2. liyue1

    MPI error (MPI_File_write_at_all) : I/O error (CESM2.1.1 on Cheyenne)

    Hello there! Recently, I'm running the CESM2.1.1 on Cheyenne with a compset of the piControl. The simulation has successfully run for 55 years, and gets stuck in MPI error during last weekend. Below shows the MPI error in the log file: 1: Opened file...
  3. S

    problems about running WACCMX in CESM2

    Hello, I have run the WACCMx in CESM1 successfully. But the CESM2.1 cannot work. I created cases of FX2000 and FXSD with default settings. Both of their running failed. I can't solved the problems. Can anyone help me? Attach files are cam and cesm logs.
  4. G

    running CAM5 in CESM2.1.3

    Dear all, I would like to use PORT to diagnose radiative forcing in CAM5. I have repeatedly tried to use PORT in the officially released CESM1.2.2 distribution, where lots of CAM5 compsets are available. Unfortunately, the PORT flag (-offline_drv rad) only works with CAM4 radiation (CAMRT) in...
  5. A

    Build successfully ,but submit failed. The cesm.log is about the usage of ./mpiexec.

    Hi all, I'm new to learn CESM. I use CESM2.1.1.After porting to my machine. build is successfully,but submit failed. The cesm.log is about the usage of ./mpiexec.Could you give me some advice? Here it is the log :
  6. BoHuang

    lnd_import ERROR: Longwave down sent from the atmosphere model is negative or zero

    Dear all, recently, I am working on CAM6 with variable-resolution simulation. I want to run the simulation with FHIST_BGC component set. I build the model and can successfully complete the the simulation for 5 days (STOP_N=5). However, the model always crash when I change the STOP_N to a longer...
  7. U

    How should I use CRUNCEP data to drive the B1850 coupling of CESM2.1

    I didn't find the stream file in the folders of CESM2, I want to know what I should do to run B1850 of CESM2 with CRUNCEP data. Thanks.
  8. A

    Modifying dust aerosol inventory over a certain region though code modification in CESM2-CLM5

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to add a new inventory for dust aerosols over a certain region in CESM2-CLM5. My objective is to modify dust aerosols over a particular region and add my inventory. So far I have looked into this code in CLM5 which controls the dust emission...
  9. S

    COMPARE fail in pre alpha testing

    Hey I have a question regarding a pre alpha test which is failing in CESM2.1.1: ERI.T62_g16.C1850ECO I've tried running this test on two machines (tier-1 and tier-2) and for both I got an error in the COMPARE phase, when digging somewhat deeper into this I found that there appears to be some...
  10. M

    BUILD FAIL: pop.buildlib failed (trouble in porting cesm2.1.1)

    Dear all, Now , I am porting cesm2.1.1 to centos6, however there was some trouble: I use the command as follows: (1) ./create_newcase --case test_case --res f19_g17 --compset B1850 --mach majun (2) ./case.setup (3)./ error occurs in the step "./", it shows: ERROR: BUILD...