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  1. X

    how to close atmospheric chemistry in FHIST_BGC case

    Hi I am planing a long time (more than 200 years) run for FHIST_BGC case, and I find the atm takes more than 80 percent of the total run time. So, I would like to close the atmospheric chemistry to reduce run cost. I attempt to only change the CAM_CONFIG_OPTS from "-phys cam6" to "-phys cam6...
  2. L

    How to add heterogeneous reaction in CAM-chem

    Dear all, I'm running CAM-chem simulation with CESM2.1.0 and I want to add heterogeneous reactions in the FCHIST compset. Where should I change the chemical mechanism? Which file should I add the reactions and individualized reaction rate constant? I really appreciate your helps.