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climate variability

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    CVDP historical CMIP5

    I am interested in using the CVDP output for CMIP5 historical runs. I downloaded the CVDP output data for CMIP5 available on the CVDP data repository (http://www.cesm.ucar.edu/working_groups/CVC/cvdp/data-repository.html) The CVDP filenames are of the format: CNRM-CM5_0.cvdp_data.1900-2005.nc...
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    About pdo.ncl

    Hi,I have question about pdo.ncl.In line 156, why the sst data input to the eofunc_ts function wasn't wighted?I am a beginner of EOF.I look forward to your reply. Thank you!Emily                                                                                
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    Ice Extent Timeseries not showing up

    Hi, This may be a dumb question but I could not fix it by myself.I am using monthly output from cesm1.2, transforming the variables (MOC, PRECT, PSL, SNOWDP, TREFHT, TS and aice) to the right format and running the package.It seems to run correctly without giving any error message and I got all...
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    Is the tabular data available for the Pattern Correlation Metrics

    The CVDP has a few figures that are titled Pattern Correlation Metrics Tables (http://webext.cgd.ucar.edu/Multi-Case/CVDP_ex/CMIP5-Historical/metrics.table_0.html). However, the tabular data for each record does not appear to be available. Does anyone know if this data is available and where it...
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    File missing

    Hi all, I currently trying out the CVPD package, but unfortunately, I do not get far because of a "File missing error".My namelist is as follows: CESM1-BGC | /media/Matthias_2/data/cmip5/ESM/mon/CESM1-BGC/ | 1850 | 2005, with the path containing all CESM1-BGC files from the esmHistorical run.I...
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    problem running CVDP in parallel

    We are trying to run the CVDP on a mac, processing just atm fields (PSL,TS,TREFHT,PREC*) that have been regridded to T85. To make things simple, I am only running psl.sam_psa.ncl for now, with *no* comparison to obs.If I don't use the parallel option, I get a Seg fault as it goes through the...
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    Has anyone run CVDP for the CESM LE control simulation?

    Hi there,I'm very interested in the variability of the CESM Large Ensemble control simulation (specifically, for Southern Ocean stuff, but generally for lots of things!).My question is: has anyone run the CVDP on output from this simulation?  If not, would there be any reason (output frequency...
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    Possible mismatch detected between time specified in file name and file variables, setting array to missing

    Hi,  I'm trying to run CVDP with multiple model data, but not having much luck.Here's my namelist:T85TrCb| /lustre/atlas1/cli115/proj-shared/jdigjudy/CVDP/T85TrC/T85TrCb/ | 1975 | 2005T85TrCc| /lustre/atlas1/cli115/proj-shared/jdigjudy/CVDP/T85TrC/T85TrCc/ | 1975 | 2005T85TrCa|...
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    problem running CVDP

    I am a first time user. I'm running on a MAC with 10.9. I get these error messages but no output: My namelist_byvar seems OK Any suggestions? Thanks, Jerry [8:00am] jerrys-mbp[/Users/potter/ncl]ncl driver.ncl Copyright (C) 1995-2014 - All Rights Reserved University...