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    [Question] Different namelist for CO2 concentration in F compset and B compset ?

    Hello, I'm PhD student who just start studying CESM2 modeling. Basically, I've studied and followed CESM2 Tutorial materials which are available freely online. I could learn the way to change CO2 concentration by changing "co2vmr" namelist with B compset example. Then now, I would like to change...
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    change CO2 concentration with F2000climo compset

    Hello, I am running CESM 2.00 in Cheyenne. I ran a couple of prescribed SST runs with F2000climo. Now I want to change the CO2 concentration with F2000climo compset. I added co2vmr values in the user_nl_cam. However, the model doesn't take the value, and I don't see any changes in the atm_in...
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    Running ocean-only with changing CO2 values

    I want to run a G1850ECO_IAF case with changing CO2 values overtime. For this I changed OCN_CO2_TYPE = diagnostic, CCSM_BGC = CO2A and DATM_CO2_TSERIES = 20tr. It runs for at least 1 month but the output of ATM_CO2 is constantly 0. Did I miss an option or is CCSM_BGC set to the wrong value?