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memory issue

  1. M

    Porting CESM2.13 to ARCHER2 memory allocate issue

    Hello! Archer2 is the new Cray HPC for UK research. It has nodes each with 128 cores and 256GB and uses SLURM. I wondered if you can guide me on this problem that has arisen as I try porting CESM 2.1.3 and running a small case I had used before on another computer: --compset F2000climo --res...
  2. J

    relocation R_X86_64_PC32 (INTEL COMPILER)

    This error indicates that the model size requirement is too large to fit the default memory model, solutions vary depending on the case: If you are using netcdf 4.6.0 and newer and pio 1_8_12 or older there is an incompatibility that presents this error.  You may update to pio1_8_14.  If you are...