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relocation R_X86_64_PC32 (INTEL COMPILER)


CSEG and Liaisons
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This error indicates that the model size requirement is too large to fit the default memory model, solutions vary depending on the case: If you are using netcdf 4.6.0 and newer and pio 1_8_12 or older there is an incompatibility that presents this error.  You may update to pio1_8_14.  If you are using the mpi-serial library then you will need to add the flags:   -mcmodel medium -shared-intel If you are not using mpi-serial then the best solution is to increase the pelayout in env_mach_pes.xml until it is large enough that you no longer get the error. If that isn't possible then add the flags above.     On cray systems you will also need the flag -dynamic