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  1. liyue1

    MPI error (MPI_File_write_at_all) : I/O error (CESM2.1.1 on Cheyenne)

    Hello there! Recently, I'm running the CESM2.1.1 on Cheyenne with a compset of the piControl. The simulation has successfully run for 55 years, and gets stuck in MPI error during last weekend. Below shows the MPI error in the log file: 1: Opened file...
  2. U

    FATAL ERROR: Empty stream

    Hello, everyone. I cp $CCSMROOT/models/ocn/pop2/input_templates/gx1v7_tavg_contents to $CASE/SourceMods/src.pop/ and comment out unnecessary streams (only retain stream 1, which is h.). And I modified the tavg_nml in pop_in the $CASE/run/ to delete unnecessary output stream. Then I run...
  3. W

    Output of air density in CESM1.2.2?

    Hi everyone! Is there a way to get air density from CESM1.2.2? Looks like air density is not included in the master history file for either CAM4 or CAM5. Thanks, Wade http://www.cesm.ucar.edu/models/cesm1.0/cam/docs/ug5_0/hist_flds_fv_cam4.html...
  4. A

    CESM2 datasets availability on ESGF

    NCAR would like to make sure that you are aware of the availability of the output fields from the CESM2 CMIP6 DECK and Historical Simulations from both the high-top (with WACCM6) and low-top (with CAM6) configurations on the ESGF. There are also output fields available from various MIPs Tier 1...
  5. A

    CESM1.1.z and CESM1.2.z - The CICE history files have some incorrect history fields

    Affected Releases: CESM1.1.z and CESM1.2.zThe CICE history files have some incorrect history fields (albpnd, albice, albsno). These should not be used.